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Easter is a special time; why not spend it in a traditional Polish way? Enjoy your family holiday with us. We suggest you arrive on Good Friday so that you can attend the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) in a nearby Church (300m). Holy Saturday is the day when we prepare traditional Easter dishes for święconka: we put them in an Easter basket and take them to the church where they are blessed. Then we eat them for Easter Sunday breakfast. On Holy Saturday we also make hay chicks and hay bunnies (gentlemen traditionally prepare nests for those chicks). After dinner there is time for a walk around Chmielno. We also paint Easter eggs using different techniques. On Easter Sunday there is a traditional Resurrection Mass at 6 am. Then we have ceremonial breakfast plus coffee, time for a walk, and dinner. Next we suggest an open carriage ride. Later there is time for coffee and traditional, delicious cakes. In the evening there are Kashubian performances presented by the hosts and their kids, shared entertainment, singing in Kashubian, and more. On Wet Monday it is time to traditionally drench people with water and “beat” them with juniper. Then we have Kashubian breakfast and coffee, after which we look for an Easter Bunny and other surprises. We also have ceremonial dinner, go for open carriage rides or take a walk to the castle through the forest. The guests can also play table tennis, billiards or football.




The prices of 2014 stay (including accommodation, full board and attractions) are as follows:

Single room – 600 pln per person (3-day stay)
Double room – 570 pln per person (3-day stay)
3-person room – 540 pln per person (3-day stay)
4-person room – 480 pln per person (3-day stay)
Children aged 3-9 – 320 pln per child (3-day stay)
Children under 3 (sleeping alone) 150 pln per child (3-day stay)
Dogs – 20 pln per day

The Easter package includes stay from Good Friday’s supper till Wet Monday’s dinner. It comprises full board, accommodation, car park and other attractions.

If you want to stay longer than 3 days, then the all-year-long price list applies.

We invite you for Nordic Walking with an instructor. We hike between lake White and Klodno over the Dam mountain from which a magnificent view stretches, overlooking lake White, Klodno, Rekowo, Radunskie and Brodno. After a short rest and listening to a legend about the Dam princess we head back for a delicious dinner.


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